Adar Poonawalla, chairman of the Serum Institute of India (SII) given the “Y” category security cover

So the Ministry of Home Affairs of India has decided to provide a “Y category ” security to Mr. Adar Poonawala, the chairman of The Serum Institute of India (SII), which is at the forefront of manufacturing COVID vaccines.

It is strange that a person who is tirelessly striving to produce millions if not billions of doses of COVID vaccines to save the life of billions of people worldwide, including India has to be protected from the very people that is working hard to save, in the first place.

So let us understand what is a white category security. In India, the government provides security details for high-risk individuals through the police, and the local state government. The government and its intelligence agencies are constantly on the lookout for the tax on the lives of important people, or VIPs, as they call them, based on the intelligence inputs and the security assessment of the concerned authorities.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, In conjunction with the state authorities, provides security to these VIPs (Very Important Person).

So What are the VIP security categories in India?

  1. The topmost bracket is the SPG category. The security details of the SPG category are highly classified and is only provided to the Prime Minister of India.
  2. The second category is the “Z+” category here. A person is protected by 55 people, including 10 Plus commandos from the NSG or the national security guards.
  3. The third one is a “Z” category in the security detail. The person is protected by predator personnel, including four or five commandos from the national security guards.
  4. The fourth category is the “Y” getting in here. The person is protected by 11 personnel, including one or two commandos from the NSG, and the police force.
  5. And last is the “X” category security detail where the person is protected by personnel, but there are no NSG commandos deployed, it protects this person. But the police personnel who protect him or her, are highly armed.

Mr. Poonawala has been provided. The fourth category security detail of 11 personnel, including commandos from the national security guards, and the police force, it was noted that since the last few days from the time. Mr. Poonawala, publish the vaccine prices.

There has been a lot of commentary against Mr. Poonawala and the Modi government, especially on social media for a reduction in the prices that Mr. Poonawala as chairman of the Serum Institute of India (SII) has published.

Some of the left and ultra-left leaning groups who have opposed or strongly criticize the pricing have in fact, threatened Mr. Poonawala, in various ways, on social media.

Here are some of the threats and abuses hurled at Poonawala, which might have prompted the central government, and the Home Ministry to provide 24 Seven protection and security to the chairman of the Serum Institute of India (SII).

My personal take is that an individual who is striving hard to make vaccines, so the millions if not billions can inoculate across the country. Should we revert and not criticize?

Mr. Poonavala runs the Serum Institute is a for-profit organization and a commercial entity. And as a commercial entity, You’re supposed to make profits. At the same time, you should not indulge in profiteering, especially in times of national crisis.

Frankly, the prices that Mr. Poonavala and the Serum Institute have published clearly show that the vaccines have been priced very reasonably and fairly.

In fact, COVISHIELD can be considered to be the cheapest COVID vaccine in the world. Mr. Poonawala and the Serum Institute of India (SII) must be commended for the efforts that they’re putting in to mitigate this made in China’s COVID pandemic. Unfortunately, the hardcore left-leaning individuals, political parties, and media organizations, over the last few days have indulged in deliberate vilification of Mr. Poonawala, and the Serum Institute, which is a point-blank wrong and must be condemned with the strongest contempt it deserves.

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