Brand v/s sales pitch

Hi guys So I just wanted to really quickly talk about brand versus sales in digital marketing

I see a lot of companies that are creating social media content with the purpose of getting the sales straightaway upfront, and that’s not really the way social media is meant to be used Social media is about creating awareness of your brand and awareness of the products and services that you offer, not selling something straight away as a hard sell So branding is a long-term gain It is not something that happens overnight and it’s not something that happens during a week or even a month It can take a couple of months to begin to develop and find your voice online and how you wish to be known, but the great thing about branding is once you have that brand and you have that presence and people know who you are, they trust you they like you they know you, and they’re more likely to buy a product from you when they know that it exists ie when you do a what Gary Vaynerchuk calls right hook and talk about your product and actually sell it

So you might choose to sell it maybe one tweet in 10, one tweet in 15 ,and the other times you are talking about branding and what makes you special, what makes your product or service unique, why people should buy from you, helpful tips, helpful guides, just generally creating content that develops your brand as opposed to selling This will make sure that every time you do sell you are more likely to get higher volume of sales because people already know you, trust you, like you and are more likely to buy from you So branding is key, NOT sales and hard-selling